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Our Mission Mosaic Collective

Changing the narrative for people and the planet.



Hey friend, I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Jennifer Olson and I am the founder of Mosaic Collective. Mosaic Collective started from a passion for helping vulnerable people around the world. Every single day millions of people experience exploitation and immense struggles. Whether this be human trafficking, domestic abuse, addiction, homelessness, and other vulnerabilities.

Human trafficking is the exploitation of vulnerability. And traffickers prey on the very people I mentioned above. In learning more about this I had to do something to help break the cycle of injustice. Mosaic Collective helps change the narrative for the overlooked in the world today.

Through sourcing ethical products we ensure people receive a living wage and a safe working environment. This allows our artisans to take care of their families and help their communities thrive. The money we spend every day shapes the world we live in. Every item at Mosaic Collective makes a difference in the lives of so many people around the world. I hope Mosaic Collective becomes a shop for you that allows you to transform the world for the better. Each product connects your story to someone else’s - creating a beautiful Mosaic of hope and freedom.


Mosaic Collective is a fair trade shop that empowers the overlooked and marginalized people in the world. Our central belief is that all people deserve equal rights, a living wage, and respect in their lives. People are our purpose. Our longing is for consumers to see the humanity behind the products they buy.

Behind every product is a person. Behind every person is a narrative.

At Mosaic, we source our products from survivors of human trafficking, refugees, people with mental illnesses and disabilities, people transitioning out of homelessness, and other vulnerable individuals.

The Mosaic Collective carefully curates and selects our products to change the narrative of our artisans and customers. For every product you purchase, we place a tile to form a new picture and a new narrative. All our stories come together. Tell your story, place your tile to form the new narrative: the mosaic of freedom and hope.

collective MISSION
Raising awareness & initiating change.

There is a broken supply chain that we need to address. Today, the products we make have value but the people producing them are considered to be disposable. Mosaic Collective exists to change that narrative.

Here's how we're changing the narrative, together.


Providing people with a living wage and a safe working environment.

Mosaic Collective works with brands that are fair trade certified. We partner with brands that are committed to providing a living wage and a safe working environment for each person. The workplace is free from harassment, discrimination, and child labor. Instead of struggling to survive, families thrive under our brands. They are able to provide for themselves and their families and ensure economic growth for the community at large

Eradicating the world’s greatest injustices.

Our products are made by survivors of human trafficking, refugees, people with mental illnesses and disabilities, those transitioning out of homelessness, and many other vulnerable individuals. Through employment, we help alleviate the cycle of exploitation and injustice that is pervasive in our world.

Empowering the world’s most marginalized.

We want to empower those who have great challenges finding employment. In each country poverty and marginalization affects everyone differently. The struggles can stem from class, gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and other factors. Our artisans come from backgrounds such as these. Every item we carry helps individuals in these conditions break free from the cycle of poverty.

Stewarding the planet.

Environmental protection is ingrained in fair trade. That means each of our products reduces our environmental footprint. We prioritize buying products made from sustainably managed sources and that have the least impact on the environment. By sourcing fair trade, there is less wasteful packaging and product pollution than many large factories have.

Celebrating culture.

Contrary to machine-made products, everything at Mosaic is handmade using traditional techniques. By supporting artisans around the world, we are able to celebrate their craft and share it with the community at Mosaic Collective. We get to connect you to the people who made our products with great care and dedication to their craft.


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